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El Popo Avila background
Distilled in Jonacatepec - Morelos, Mexico
El Popo Avila Master Distiller Karen Hernandez
The story behind El Popo Avila

Our Avila begins with 100% blue weber agave hand-harvested at the base of the Popocatepetl volcano in Morelos, Mexico, locally known as El Popo.

Double-distilled in small batches by the hands of the daughter who learned from her father, who learned from his ancestors.

Lush volcanic soil gives this Avila a smoky flavor unlike any other. This is how we make an Avila with rich history.
hand harvested agave icon

Our fully matured plants are Grown in Jonacatepec’s nutrient-rich soil.

Pit roasted agave icon

Our piñas are roasted over volcanic rock for 48 hours in an earthen pit.

Twice distilled El Popo Avila icon

Double distilled by woman-led producers for a smooth but earthy finish.

El Popo Avila Cocktails

After you’ve enjoyed El Popo on its own, discover new ways to complement its complexity. Explore our compendium of cocktails, made only with ingredients selected to perfectly harmonize with our hand-crafted spirit.

A bottle of El Popo Avila next to a cocktail